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In some countries the Internet is limited in order to prevent people being able to access certain content. For example, the UK restricts access to sites which link to copyright infringing material but there are countries where Internet censorship is a much more serious issue. Some authorities censor websites related to religion and minority groups, others censor pornographic sites. Authorities from over 23 countries block websites and ban social services. Facebook and Twitter are the most important social networking websites which are victims of Internet censorship. There are several ways that the internet can be censored, from public Wi-Fi and workplace connection filtering to ISP and country-level censorship. Not all cases of Internet censorship involve the government. Your employer or school administrator may limit access to certain sites as well. This is why interest in proxy sites has soared to new heights. A web-based proxy helps users circumvent geoblocks and access restricted content.


In recent years more and more ISPs in the UK have been asked to block websites which link to copyright infringing material. Blocking techniques vary from one ISP to another. The exact number of blocked websites is unknown because there is no official register of these blocked websites. All we know is that list of blocked websites is growing rapidly and includes some of the more well known sites such as Kick Ass Torrents, EZTV and The Pirate Bay. Over 25 of these sites have been blocked in October and November 2013 alone, nearly doubling the list of sites blocked in the UK!

In 2013 France ordered Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo to block a group of 16 video streaming sites from the search results. It was the first time that France has taken search engines to court over search results. Multiple ISPs have been told they must ban these websites as well. Luckily, there are still ways to get around this.

Ispban is a free web based proxy site that gives you complete anonymity while browsing the Internet. It enables you to anonymize your IP address and access banned websites at schools or work. Because everyone has the right to freedom of opinion.